Why am I a founder?

02 Jul 2023

The startup ecosystem is one of the few places where failure doesn't necessarily hinder your progress. It can even attract more investments. It may seem unconventional, but that's the reality.
This is a challenging question that many of us have yet to ask ourselves. Running a startup has its ups and downs, and those who have found a balance deserve recognition. However, it's essential to reflect on whether being a founder is truly the path for you.

So, why did you become a founder? Was it because it's trendy or due to external pressure?
Many founders need to delve into these questions. While it doesn't directly determine the success of your product in the market, having strong leadership plays a vital role. You may have an amazing product, but if the leadership is uncertain, it can create issues. Running a startup demands everything from you—your energy, the right mindset, focus, and resilience. I understand that you're eager to secure funding, but to attract investors, you need these qualities as key drivers.
Some startups rely on funds from family and friends or bootstrap their way forward. In such cases, having the right attitude and energy is crucial to aligning everything properly. I hope you're following my train of thought. Excellent!
Another aspect to consider is whether your motivation is to make money or gain fame.
The rockstar mentality often lingers, and it's natural to desire fame when you see startup founders gaining popularity on social media and drawing crowds at tech events. However, if fame is your sole motivation, then you already know the answer. Being a rockstar also means being accountable to investors, customers, and other stakeholders. If you struggle to balance these two aspects, it's worth reevaluating your motivations. Sometimes, we emphasize fame too much and forget that startups are meant to solve problems and generate profits.

Are you solely in it for funding?
Undeniably, funding plays a crucial role. Who wouldn't want it? However, the problem arises when you secure funding but fail to demonstrate tangible progress. While it's a common practice, many founders manage to thrive with limited or no funding at all. This is one of the unique features of running a startup. There are determined and dedicated individuals out there who are building something meaningful. Some fail multiple times before achieving success on their fourth attempt.

Ultimately, being a founder requires self-reflection and an understanding of your true motivations. It's not just about chasing trends, succumbing to pressure, or seeking immediate fame or funding. It's about finding your purpose, solving problems, and creating a sustainable and successful venture.
Oh, you won't believe the latest trend in the startup world! It's just so amazing to witness founders gracing the stage at these highly notable events. I mean, who wouldn't want to hear from these self-proclaimed gurus while they effortlessly spew out their profound wisdom? It's truly mind-boggling how a clueless individual with absolutely no expertise can stand there and deliver groundbreaking insights, advice, and tips to all of us, mere mortals. Ah, the irony!
And let's not forget the beauty of the startup ecosystem, where three-time founders still manage to cling on, barely surviving. But hey, guess what? Along comes a rookie with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that's supposedly "groundbreaking" enough to make it big on NASDAQ. How utterly spontaneous and unexpected! It's as if the universe just can't get enough of these underdogs and their miraculous overnight success stories.
Truly, it's a sight to behold, witnessing the sheer audacity of it all. But hey, who needs experience and a solid track record when you have a flashy idea and a willingness to hype it up? Who needs a proven track record of success when you can just skip all the hard work and jump straight to the stock market? It's all so logical and not a cause for eye-rolling skepticism. Brilliant!

Being a founder is more than just following trends, feeling pressured, seeking fame, or pursuing funding. It's a personal journey that requires self-reflection and staying true to your values and goals.
Ask yourself: What motivates you? What problems do you genuinely want to solve? What impact do you want to make? Building a startup is a tough and lengthy process, and having a clear purpose will keep you motivated through the ups and downs.

As a founder, you carry significant responsibilities. You're accountable not only to yourself but also to your team, investors, customers, and other stakeholders. It means being able to handle uncertainties, make tough decisions, and lead with integrity. Consider whether you have the necessary skills and mindset to handle these responsibilities effectively.
While funding is important for many startups, it shouldn't be the only reason you become a founder. A genuine passion for your idea and unwavering determination will attract investors who believe in your vision. Remember, the success of your startup depends on the value it brings to your target market, not just the amount of funding it receives.
It's important to acknowledge that failure is a normal part of the startup journey. Many successful founders have faced setbacks before achieving success. Embrace failure as a chance to learn, adapt, and grow. It's your resilience and perseverance that truly define you as a founder.


Editors Side Note: It takes 100% dedication, you are responsible for peoples lives. You cannot feed another mouth until you are well fed, stop forming magnanimous, build capacity and competence the rest will come through.



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