WhoGoHost acquires SendChamp, a cloud communications startup.

15 Sep 2023

WhoGoHost, the largest cloud infrastructure company in West Africa has acquired SendChamp, a Nigerian cloud communications startup. SendChamp specializes in enabling online messaging for African businesses. While the financial details of this acquisition remain confidential, its strategic significance is evident.

WhoGoHost, a key player in domain hosting services for over 16 years, is broadening its horizons with this move. This acquisition is a crucial part of their strategic vision to enhance their value proposition. Opeyemi Awoyemi, the founder of WhoGoHost, expressed enthusiasm about this development, stating, "The acquisition of SendChamp presents us with a unique opportunity to evolve our business from domain hosting to a one-stop shop for digital services for entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa. We're excited about what this means for us."

SendChamp, founded in 2021 by Goodness Kayode and Damilola Olotu, is a cloud communications provider. It facilitates seamless customer communication across various channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, email, and voice. Over the past two years, SendChamp has successfully collaborated with more than 6,000 businesses, including notable names like Surebet247, Baxi, Chowdeck, Wirepay by Maplerad, Bumpa, and TeamApt.

In 2021, SendChamp secured an impressive $100,000 in angel funding from local syndicates, including DFS Lab, Hustler Capital, HoaQ Club, Velocity Digital, and several other angel investors, marking its sole fundraising round to date.

With this strategic acquisition, WhoGoHost gains access to SendChamp's versatile product suite, spanning marketing messages, OTP (one-time passwords), and customer support systems. This move substantially bolsters WhoGoHost's value proposition. On the other hand, SendChamp gains access to WhoGoHost's extensive customer database, which exceeds 100,000 users.

Kayode, the CEO of SendChamp, noted, "With this acquisition, we get to keep building SendChamp as an interoperable product within WhoGoHost's integrated platform. We received offers from several businesses across diverse industries at different points in our journey but ultimately went with WhoGoHost when an offer came, given the synergies between our products and strategic positioning are clear."

As part of this acquisition, key members of the SendChamp team will join WhoGoHost. Goodness Kayode will assume the role of Chief Product Officer, while Damilola Olotu will serve as Chief Technology Officer. These appointments reflect WhoGoHost's commitment to integrating SendChamp's expertise seamlessly.

For WhoGoHost, the acquisition of SendChamp marks the first step in a strategic evolution, transitioning from a domain and hosting infrastructure company to a comprehensive digital services platform. This transformation will focus on domains, online presence, communication, and online commerce products.

Both companies have confirmed that SendChamp will continue to operate independently in the immediate future. However, there are plans to integrate its products and services into the WhoGoHost platform, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to existing customer service.



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