Spotify Unveils "Voice Translation for Podcasts" Feature

10 Oct 2023

Spotify, the global music and podcast platform, has introduced a game-changing feature called "Voice Translation for Podcasts." This high-tech tool breaks down language barriers by translating podcasts into multiple languages while preserving the original podcaster's voice and style.

For over 15 years, Spotify has been a platform for creators worldwide to share their work with a global audience. Now, with the latest technology, Spotify is making it easier for people to understand podcasts in their preferred language.

This feature uses advanced voice technology to match the podcaster's speaking style, providing a more personal and authentic listening experience compared to traditional dubbing methods. It means that podcasts recorded in one language can now be enjoyed in others without losing the podcaster's unique voice.

Spotify teamed up with well-known podcasters for a pilot project, offering AI-powered voice translations in languages like Spanish, French, and German. Initially, these translations will be available for select episodes, with plans to expand to more shows in the future.

Ziad Sultan, Spotify's Vice President of Personalization, believes this innovation will connect listeners with creators in a more genuine way. The translated episodes will be accessible to both Premium and Free Spotify users.

The rollout begins with Spanish translations, followed by French and German versions in the coming weeks. Spotify has also created a dedicated Voice Translations Hub, regularly updating it with more translated episodes.

As Spotify's podcast audience continues to grow, exceeding 100 million regular listeners, the company remains committed to making podcasts accessible to a global audience. Keep an eye on Spotify for Podcasters for updates on further expansions, enhanced accessibility for creators, and support for additional languages.

This exciting development opens up new possibilities for podcast creators and listeners worldwide.



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