Payday details consumer options for resolving virtual card withdrawal problems.

19 Sep 2023

Payday details consumer options for resolving virtual card withdrawal problems.

Payday, the troubled financial services firm, chose to grace

its customers a statement  emphasizing its apparent efforts to mend the destruction caused by Mastercard lapses among its clientele. They appear to have suddenly developed an interest in ensuring the financial stability of their customer base.

According to Payday, all the affected cards have been deactivated, and the outstanding balances have been reimbursed to customers' digital wallets. The financial service provider emphasizes its dedication to improving the user experience and assures that customer funds are now secure.

Payday has also simplified the process of downloading Mastercard statements as follows:

  1. Open your Payday mobile application and locate the "§» icon at the top right corner.

  2. Click on the download button, then select "Cards" and specify your desired timeframe.

  3. Choose "Mastercard," and the statement will be promptly sent to your email.

Furthermore, Payday encourages customers with additional questions or concerns to utilize the convenient in-app chat feature for a direct and expedited resolution of any issues that may arise.

The Mastercard withdrawal difficulty with Payday began when Favour Ori, the company's founder and CEO, was accused of using his app to illegally gain money from individuals throughout Nigeria and other countries in Africa. On August 21, the well-known Twitter account @ PIDOMNIGERIA.  made a tweet about doubtful exchange rates, limitations on fund withdrawals or transfers, and a lack of response to consumer concerns.

Ori has been accused of public misdeeds, with clients sharing their experiences on Twitter. Payday ended their agreement with the USD Mastercard provider, causing withdrawal issues. Users were not compensated when Technext reported unlawful deductions and irregularities. The program also had difficulties and errors, according to users.

In response to these recent allegations, Payday addressed the account limitations experienced by many customers, attributing these problems to technical issues with the company's service providers. Favour Ori clarified that these technical challenges directly impacted the quality of service provided by the company.

Some of Payday's customers remain puzzled by Ori's statement. For instance, (sirOdiong) reported that his final account balance was $31.87, and initially, he received a refund of $0.11. After contacting customer support via email, he was informed that the refund process was ongoing. However, he later received an additional $0.11, raising concerns. After reviewing their statement, he identified discrepancies and requested the company to investigate and rectify the situation for clarity.

This is a developing story; we will update it as soon as it's confirmed

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