Call for Applications: Epidemic Science Leadership and Innovation Networks.

18 Dec 2023

In a crucial step towards safeguarding Africa's health security, the Pandemic Sciences Leadership and Innovation Networks (EPSILONs) Initiative has been launched. This groundbreaking initiative aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem of research excellence across the continent, addressing ongoing health challenges and strengthening capabilities to respond to future infectious diseases and health threats.

Nurturing a Thriving Pandemic Sciences Sector

The EPSILONs Initiative will establish a network of research excellence in Africa, comprising three to eight organizations in a 'hub and spoke' consortium. Each consortium will focus on a specific thematic area relevant to epidemic and pandemic sciences research, preparedness, and response.

By nurturing and promoting world-class epidemic and pandemic sciences research and innovation in Africa, the EPSILONs Initiative will build a critical mass of experts across all health sectors in the continent. This will not only enable effective responses to current health challenges but also equip Africa with the resilience to face future health threats.

Enhancing Health Security and Economic Prosperity

Investing in African epidemic and pandemic sciences research and preparedness is paramount to protecting and enhancing national and regional healthcare systems. By mitigating adverse socio-economic impacts, this investment will safeguard Africa's economic stability and foster a healthier, more prosperous continent.

The EPSILONs Initiative will also leverage African expertise to influence epidemic and pandemic research, preparedness, and response priorities at a global level. By providing a platform for African scientists, policymakers, and healthcare leaders to share their knowledge and insights, the initiative will contribute to a more robust global health security landscape.

Eligibility and Application

Lead applicants can lead only one application but may be co-applicants in several applications. They must be based at an eligible organization and hold an academic or research post. Additionally, they must have a salary, or the guarantee of a salary, for the duration of the award period, or be required by their contract of employment to have a salary.

Thematic research areas include vaccinology, virology, clinical research, epidemic and pandemic public health policy research, climate change, biodiversity, advanced data assembly and analytics, and social and behavioral sciences.

The application deadline for the EPSILONs Initiative is January 31, 2024. Interested applicants can access the application form here.

Investing in Africa's Health Future

The EPSILONs Initiative represents a significant step forward in safeguarding Africa's health security and economic prosperity. By nurturing a thriving epidemic and pandemic sciences sector, the initiative will empower Africa to address current and future health challenges, positioning the continent as a global leader in pandemic preparedness and response. APPLY HERE



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