Unleash Your Startup's Potential with the Ultimate AWS Launchpad Experience

20 Aug 2023

Get ready for something amazing! The AWS Start-Up Boost is a special 10-week online program. It's like a virtual school where people with cool start-up ideas can learn and get help to make their start-ups real. If you have a cool idea for a start-up and want to turn it into a real thing, this program is for you!

Learn Smart Stuff:

In these 10 weeks, you'll learn really useful things. We'll show you how to use the fancy tech stuff from AWS (that's like a toolbox for making cool things online). You'll learn about things like numbers that show how people use your startup, saving and organizing data, and even some computer smarts like AI and ML. The program will also help you make smart choices about how to build your start-up, like how to monetize products/services.

Easy to Join:

Anyone with a start-up idea can join, but your start-up should be about tech or use tech in a cool way. Also, your start-up should be past the idea stage and ready to start building the first version (that's called an MVP) of your thing. It doesn't matter what kind of thing you're making, and having someone who knows tech stuff (like a CTO or techie person) will be really helpful. Oh, and the program will be in English, just so you know!

Cool Rewards: Guess what?

You get $2,000 if your start-up is fit for the program! And that's not all—you'll also get $2,000 to use on AWS platoform, which is like getting some free tools for your start-up. You'll get to learn special skills and use cool tech like the big companies do!

Make Friends and Learn: Join our group of cool start-up people! You'll make friends, learn from each other, and get advice from experts. Even after the 10 weeks are over, you'll still have this group to help you with your start-up journey.

Time to Jump In: Ready to Start?

You can apply from August 8 to September 22, 2023. If you're selected, the program will start in October. You'll have a week to get used to things, then learn for a few weeks, and finally wrap things up in December.
This is your chance! Don't miss out on AWS Start-Up Boost and the chance to make your cool idea into a real start-up. Apply Now

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