Smile ID Unveils Groundbreaking "Smile Links" for Rapid Customer Verification.

15 Sep 2023

Smile ID, a leading provider of biometric identity verification solutions, has introduced Smile Links, a cutting-edge no-code solution designed to expedite customer verification for businesses.

Smile ID, renowned for its advanced biometric identity verification solutions, has made a remarkable announcement today with the official launch of Smile Links, a revolutionary no-code solution designed to streamline and accelerate the customer verification process for businesses.

Smile Links is a fully customizable, no-code Know Your Customer (KYC) solution that significantly reduces the technical requirements for businesses to go live. With just a few clicks within the Smile ID portal, companies can effortlessly create and tailor an identity verification workflow, complete with their branding elements such as company name, logo, and data privacy policy—all achieved in a matter of minutes.

Once generated, the verification process is transformed into a unique URL, which can be easily shared with customers via email, WhatsApp, or embedded within an application. Companies can monitor and review the outcomes of the KYC checks conducted through their dedicated Smile ID portal or receive results via a callback URL.

Smile Links represents a groundbreaking advancement, opening up new avenues of innovation for a wider range of developers. This pioneering solution marks the first-ever no-code ID verification solution from an African-focused company, empowering businesses to construct, launch, and expand their operations at an unprecedented pace. As enterprises of all sizes strive to reduce production timelines, costs, and the need for technical expertise, the demand for low- and no-code tools has surged. These tools enable businesses to remain competitive and innovative while also allowing non-technical professionals to play crucial roles in the global digital transformation.

Smile Links is the latest milestone in Smile ID's mission to provide unrestricted access to a thriving digital economy for Africans. According to a report by Gartner, low-code and no-code development is projected to encompass more than 65% of all application development by 2024. Low-code and no-code tools are poised to play a pivotal role in digitizing Africa and other emerging markets by eliminating technical barriers to the launch of innovative solutions.

In alignment with these trends, Smile Links empowers companies to significantly reduce production time and seamlessly launch fully functional solutions that comply with local regulations without requiring technical expertise.

When combined with Smile ID's Document Verification product, Smile Links enables businesses to verify a staggering 8,500 types of IDs from 226 countries worldwide, all without increasing technical burdens or requiring extensive integration efforts. Companies looking to expand their operations across multiple markets or onboard customers in diverse regions can do so with Smile ID through a single integration, saving substantial time and resources with minimal engineering involvement. Furthermore, Smile Links seamlessly integrates with other ID verification solutions like biometric KYC, empowering business owners to create robust KYC solutions resilient to fraud.

Commenting on the launch of Smile Links, Peace Itimi, Smile's Director of Marketing, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We are excited about the potential impact of Smile Links on the future of innovation in Africa and globally. No-code represents the future of technological innovation, and we take pride in pioneering a product that expedites business launch and scaling efforts like never before."

Peace further added, "Smile Links is not just another run-of-the-mill no-code tool; it serves as a gateway to launching and expanding any product or service across multiple markets, regardless of the extent of your engineering resources. It opens doors for countless businesses to participate in Africa's digital evolution."



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