Nigeria's Ambitious Plan to Train 1 Million Technical Talents: Honourable Minister's Dedication

22 Sep 2023

Nigeria is embarking on an audacious mission to train 1 million technical talents over the next three years, driven by the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy under the dedicated leadership of Dr. 'Bosun Tijani. This initiative aligns with the national goal of creating 2 million digital jobs to meet the ever-increasing demand for technical skills.

The journey commenced with a co-creation workshop held in Abuja, gathering over 40 startups and technical training providers. Under the dedicated guidance of Dr. 'Bosun Tijani, the Honourable Minister of Communications, this workshop served as a platform to collaboratively shape the initiative's framework, bringing practical ideas to the forefront.

The Framework's Key Sections

The comprehensive framework comprises six critical sections:

  1. Identifying Technical Skills: It defines a broad spectrum of technical skills, spanning from non-coding technology-enabled skills to core technology skills and advanced skills.
  2. Recognizing System and Infrastructure Gaps: This section pinpoints issues such as knowledge gaps, unclear skill pathways, and financial constraints while offering practical solutions.
  3. Developing an Efficient Training Framework: Emphasis is placed on inclusivity and providing diverse learning paths for individuals. The framework also suggests resources and partnerships to empower training providers.
  4. Establishing a Talent Placement Framework: A comprehensive placement system is outlined, incorporating a digital talent registry and innovative placement opportunities.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework: This segment focuses on performance assessments, audits, and ongoing adaptations to ensure the initiative's effectiveness.
  6. Sustainability: Addressing the challenge of long-term sustainability, the framework highlights strategies such as policy advocacy and stakeholder engagement.

The Honorable Minister's Dedication

Crucially, Dr. 'Bosun Tijani, the Honorable Minister of Communications, in his dedication to this transformative initiative, envisions an inclusive approach involving diverse stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to create an autonomous and self-sustaining ecosystem that can thrive without ongoing government patronage.

This initiative represents a remarkable step towards meeting Nigeria's digital workforce needs and positioning the nation as a leading hub for technical talent in the region. Through dedication, collaboration, and a dynamic framework, Nigeria aims to achieve this ambitious goal and contribute significantly to its digital economy.

Download the full report here: 1M Technical Talents Training



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