Maryam Lawan Gwadebe Takes the Helm at Innovation Support Network(ISN)

29 Sep 2023

The Innovation Support Network (ISN), a collective of innovation hubs spread across the country, is thrilled to introduce its newly appointed board members. This strategic transition is poised to breathe new life into ISN's mission of nurturing technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship throughout Nigeria.

The outgoing board, featuring influential figures such as Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata (CFA), Tomi Davies, Bernard Chiira, Daniel Chinagozi, and Bruce Lucas, has gracefully passed the torch to a new generation of leaders who are dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration.

Maryam Lawan Gwadebe - Visionary Leader and Chairperson

Leading the charge as the new chairperson is Maryam Lawan Gwadebe, a luminary in the tech industry. Her visionary leadership at Blue Sapphire Hub, a platform committed to unlocking human potential and latent abilities, has earned her widespread recognition. Blue Sapphire Hub offers a suite of services, including capacity-building programs, Startup Support, and a Software Development Lab. Maryam's accolades include the prestigious Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Alumni title in 2020 and the Outstanding Woman in Tech award from the United Nations Association of Nigeria Leadership Awards in 2022.

Blessing Achu - Finance Director

Blessing Achu, a passionate advocate for the African fashion industry, takes on the role of Finance Director. She founded 360Creativehub in 2016, a transformative initiative empowering African creative businesses through cutting-edge tech solutions. Her vision encompasses supporting cotton farmers to boost retail stores, ultimately positioning Africa at the forefront of the global fashion market.

Charles Emembolu - Partnership Director

Charles Emembolu, an Information Technology Architecture Expert, lends his expertise as the new Partnership Director. His profound interest lies in innovation ecosystems and empowering young talents through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Charles boasts a diverse skill set, including IT infrastructure, project/program management, negotiations, and business and solutions architecture, all crucial to ISN's mission of fostering innovation and youth empowerment.

Edward Esene - Marketing Director

Edward Esene, a prominent Business Startup coach, management consultant, digital expert, and Tech Evangelist, takes on the role of Marketing Director. His extensive experience includes consultancy on various government initiatives, co-founding Plus Innovation Hub with three centers in Lagos State, and being appointed as an IBM Business Partner in Nigeria. Edward's leadership promises to elevate ISN's marketing efforts and guide a team of tech consultants.

Theodore Longji - Ecosystem Director

Theodore Longji, a visionary leader at the helm of nHub, assumes the role of Ecosystem Director. Over the past decade, he has played a pivotal role in championing entrepreneurship, innovation, and ecosystem development in Nigeria. Theodore's skill set spans ideation, business modeling, product management, startup support, market research, ecosystem development, policy design, and project planning. As the CEO of nHub, he has been instrumental in inspiring and supporting a generation of tech entrepreneurs across Nigeria.

These newly elected board members collectively bring a wealth of skills, experiences, and passions to the ISN Board of Directors, united in their commitment to driving positive change within Nigeria's innovation ecosystem.

ISN's journey began with approximately 75 Innovation hubs in 2019 and has since grown exponentially to include a thriving community of over 150+ hubs. This remarkable growth has been fueled by a dedication to capacity building, knowledge sharing, and nurturing a vibrant innovation community.

As the outgoing board members gracefully transition, ISN anticipates a future marked by continued growth and innovation under the visionary leadership of the newly elected Directors. Their proven expertise across diverse domains is set to propel ISN's legacy of innovation to even greater heights.

ISN remains steadfast in its mission to empower entrepreneurs, drive innovation, and foster solutions addressing Nigeria's socio-economic challenges. This transition heralds a promising future for ISN, promising a brighter, more collaborative, and innovative landscape for Nigeria's tech ecosystem.




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