For verified accounts in Nigeria, Elon Musk's X has launched an Ads income sharing program.

19 Aug 2023

For verified accounts in Nigeria, Elon Musk's X has launched an Ads income sharing program.

Elon Musk's platform, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a revenue sharing initiative for verified accounts in Nigeria. Reports from Tuesday confirmed that several users in the country have received their initial payouts.

Individuals from Nigeria, like Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian Twitter influencer, have begun receiving payments from Elon Musk's platform. Buchi expressed his satisfaction, stating, "I [tweeted] my opinions...views, and people are blessed, however, it’s also nice to be paid for it."

Nigerian content producers like Buchi acknowledge payments from X's ad revenue sharing program, which pays content producers for a share of the advertisements produced by postings. Users of Twitter Blue with five million or more impressions are eligible. As of August 4th, X has reported that the influx of participants signing up for revenue sharing has exceeded their expectations. The company had initially aimed to initiate payments during the week of July 31st. However, they require additional time to review the details for the upcoming payout, with the intention of compensating all eligible accounts as swiftly as possible.

This revenue sharing approach has a global scope. The platform's payment processor currently facilitates transactions in more than 100 countries, including various African nations such as Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa. According to X, this is a step towards enabling individuals to earn a livelihood directly through the platform. X's CEO, Linda Yaccarino, enthusiastically labeled it "an absolute game changer for our creators."

This initiative had already been launched in the United States the previous month. Elon Musk disclosed that the first round of creator payouts amounted to approximately $5 million, encompassing earnings from February, when he first unveiled the program.

Example Payouts and Eligibility Criteria:

Abazz, a Nigerian content creator with around 68,000 followers, revealed that he received ₦220,345 through the program. Another creator, FotoNugget, proudly shared, "I was paid [₦51,881] for my first X Ads Revenue Sharing."

To participate in the X Ads Revenue Sharing program, creators need to meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Subscription to Blue or Verified Organizations.

  2. Accumulation of at least 15 million organic impressions across their posts in the past three months.

  3. Possession of a minimum of 500 followers.

Once these criteria are satisfied, applicants must have a Stripe account. Adherence to X's Ads Revenue Share Terms, encompassing Creator Monetization Standards and the X Rules, is crucial. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in exclusion from the program.

According to Stephanie Orkuma's joke on the Nigeria Design Twitter, by investing 3560 each month, designers may increase X Blue subscriptions and reach 640,000 worldwide by April 2023. that is why Elon Musk's Ads Revenue Sharing program aids African producers, however there are issues with how former Twitter Africa employees are treated. Uncertainty and disregard for Ghanaian labor regulations were two reasons given by a former employee for their dissatisfaction. The case is being looked into by the Labor Office.

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