DJs Get a Boost from AI with New "Crowd Reading" Software.

29 Apr 2024

The DJ software space just got a major upgrade! Two leading manufacturers have incorporated cutting-edge visual tools from OpenAI, introducing a game-changing feature: crowd reading. This innovation promises to transform how DJs interact with their audience, taking the guesswork out of song selection.

Say goodbye to endless deliberation over the next track.  VirtualDJ's "VibeCheck" and Djay Pro's "Neural Crowd" leverage a simple webcam setup. The webcam captures the crowd's reactions, feeding the data into OpenAI's APR1 architecture. This allows the software to analyze the vibe in real time and suggest songs most likely to keep the party going.

These suggestions are curated based on the DJ's own library or, in VirtualDJ's case, an integrated streaming service.  The software is smart too - "VibeCheck" can even identify the type of event (bar gig, wedding, etc.) and tailor its recommendations accordingly. It can pick up on subtle cues of enjoyment like foot-tapping or head nods, even when the dance floor isn't packed yet.

Djay Pro's "Neural Crowd" takes things a step further. It utilizes OpenAI's Whisper tech to decipher potentially unclear requests, like those from enthusiastic (or perhaps slightly inebriated) patrons. It can even suggest polite DJ phrases to politely decline requests, minimizing any potential awkwardness.

This integration of AI marks a significant leap for DJ software. By offering a helping hand in reading the crowd, these features empower DJs to create the perfect atmosphere for any event.

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