Application: Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) 2023 Talent Hunt Research Through Hackathon

20 Sep 2023

Nigerian startups are gearing up to compete for a grand prize of N30 million in talent hunt research through a hackathon organized by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). This competition promises to accelerate progress in three crucial areas: blockchain-enabled data protection solutions, assistive technology solutions for the elderly and people with disabilities, and technology solutions for renewable energy in rural areas. In this article, we delve into the details of this exciting competition and its potential impact on Nigeria's economic growth and development.

The Three Areas of Innovation

  1. Blockchain-Enabled Data Protection Solutions: In an era where data is a valuable commodity, protecting it is paramount. Startups participating in this category will be tasked with developing innovative solutions that leverage blockchain technology to enhance regulatory compliance and safeguard sensitive information. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, these solutions will play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and security of data.

  2. Assistive Technology Solutions for the Elderly and People with Disabilities: This category focuses on improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations—namely, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Participating startups will need to devise assistive technology solutions that empower these individuals, making daily tasks more manageable and enhancing their overall well-being. Such innovations have the potential to transform lives and promote inclusivity.

  3. Technology Solutions for Renewable Energy in Rural Areas: Access to reliable and sustainable energy sources remains a challenge in many rural areas of Nigeria. Startups in this category will be tasked with developing technology solutions that harness renewable energy sources to address this issue. By providing clean and affordable energy options, these innovations can significantly impact rural communities, driving economic development and improving living conditions.

The Prize: N10 Million Grants for Top Solutions

The NCC Talent Hunt Research Hackathon aims to identify the most promising solutions in each of the three categories mentioned above. The best three solutions, one from each category, will receive grants of N10 million each to further develop and implement their innovations. This significant financial support serves as a catalyst for these startups, enabling them to scale their projects and bring their ideas to fruition.

NCC's Strategic Vision Plan 2023-2025

This competition aligns with the Nigerian Communications Commission's Strategic Vision Plan for 2023–2025. The plan underscores the importance of encouraging the development of new technologies and indigenous content through cutting-edge research. By doing so, the NCC aims to stimulate sustainable economic growth and development within Nigeria. This initiative reflects the commission's commitment to leveraging emerging digital technologies for the benefit of the nation.

Empowering Innovation Through Emerging Technologies

The NCC's Talent Hunt Research through Hackathon leverages emerging digital technologies to facilitate the development of homegrown innovative solutions and local content in the telecommunications sector. Furthermore, it serves as a driving force for economic growth and social advancement in Nigeria. This competition enables the translation of novel ideas into hardware and software solutions that address industry and societal challenges.

Eligibility criteria and requirements

To participate in the competition, enterprises must meet specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • Providing a certificate of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • Not having previously received support from the commission.
  • Presenting a clear problem statement, proposed solution, and deployment roadmap.
  • Offering a proof of concept, including technical feasibility, diagrams, algorithms, existing models, or case studies
  • Asserting ownership of intellectual property.
  • Committing to prototype development within six months of receiving the grant.
  • Proposing a detailed commercialization plan for the prototype.

Additionally, the proposal must include information on ideation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), current sweat equity investment, product-market fit status, verifiable go-to-market status, growth feasibility assurances, maturity model, timeliness, and existing time for disaster recovery, where applicable.

Seamless online application process

The application process is entirely online and follows the stipulated entry format. Importantly, there is no financial cost associated with participating in the competition. While startups retain full control and ownership of their intellectual property, the commission provides invaluable support for their projects.

How to apply

To apply, a tech hub or innovation-driven enterprise must demonstrate its relationship with the startup or solution being entered. The application should include a 4-page executive summary of the project concept, a 3-5 minute video showcasing the pilot project, and detailed profiles of all team members. Additionally, applicants should provide their website (if available) and an email address for easy communication. Apply Here: 30M Grant


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