Goodness Kayode Founder of Sendchamp

24 Jan 2023

There are very successful software developers who are among the world's wealthiest individuals. Being a top-down thinker and self-motivated tech entrepreneur, Goodness Kayode is focused on resolving the end-to-end communication issues that plague digital enterprises throughout Africa, from SMBs and startups to big corporations.
As the co-founder and CEO of Sendchamp, Goodness Kayode uses his software engineering skills to shape the company's future direction and create a platform that will revolutionize how companies in Africa communicate with one another.
Launched in private beta form in 2021, Sendchamp was designed to repair the broken lines of communication between companies and their consumers. To do this, Sendchamp consolidates the functionality of many popular messaging systems into a single interface, allowing companies to more easily onboard, engage, retain, and sell to their client bases.
Goodness founded Sendchamp after establishing Sprinble, a successful product development business that has worked with clients ranging from startups to multinationals, including Carbon, Kudi (formerly Nomba), Coronation Registrars, the British Deputy High Commission in Lagos, Sterling Bank, and many more.
As a developer advocate, he also hosted the first Codepen developer community event in Africa, which influenced the careers of more than 150 professionals.
The distinctive belief held by goodness is that the growth and success of one person among many makes no difference, but that the growth and success of many people will benefit both individuals and society.
On this basis, Goodness pledges to assist tech startups and innovative tech professionals by disseminating information on how to launch a tech business. He has invested in five firms thus far, using his knowledge of engineering, goods, and business, and he considers himself an "occasional angel investor."

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