Apply for Stacks Ventures Accelerator 2023

21 Jan 2023

Call for Application
Apply for Stacks Ventures Accelerator 2023 2 months ago

What we're looking for

Teams solving real-world problems

This isn't your average crypto for the sake of a crypto accelerator, we've gone way beyond our industry to bring in a wide array of experts and resources. We want teams that are expanding the ways people think about what can be done on a blockchain.

Driven founders with a proven history

We're looking for founders that have built successful products and services before and that can bring an experience-driven mindset to the user-owned internet on Bitcoin.

Projects uniquely suited for Stacks

In other words, projects solve problems that are served best or made possible by the unique connection Stacks shares with Bitcoin. We nurture teams that can get the most out of Stacks and need a high degree of confidence in their infrastructure.

Teams building high-stakes products

This doesn't mean your product needs to be polished today. It does mean you need to have a commitment to building products that keep users' data and funds safe and that engage in responsible experimentation and scalable innovation.

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