Empowering Female Tech Founders: $3 Million in Google Cloud Credits Now Available.

22 May 2023

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Google for Startups Africa have joined forces to provide exceptional support to female technology founders by offering them an incredible opportunity: up to $3 million in Google Cloud Credits. This collaboration aims to empower and propel female entrepreneurs in the tech industry to new heights.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

The program offers two tiers, the Start Tier and the Scale Tier, each with its own set of advantages. However, even if you don't fit neatly into either tier, you are still encouraged to apply.

Start Tier: Designed for early-stage enterprises, this tier offers an excellent starting point for beginner startups. By qualifying for the Start Tier, female-founded enterprises can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Funding Eligibility: To be eligible for the Start Tier, your enterprise should have been founded within the last 5 years. This ensures that fresh and innovative startups receive the necessary support during their crucial early stages.
  2. Access to Technology: As a technology startup that has not yet received funding from an institutional investor, the Start Tier provides you with an opportunity to leverage Google Cloud Credits. These credits enable you to access advanced technological tools and resources to accelerate your growth.
  3. Exclusive Bonus: Once you exhaust $2,000 USD worth of credits, you become eligible to apply for an additional $100,000 USD in credits. This bonus empowers you to further expand your technological capabilities and push the boundaries of innovation.

Scale Tier: Tailored for more established enterprises, the Scale Tier offers a higher level of support for startups that have already made significant strides. By meeting the following criteria, female-founded startups can unlock the advantages of the Scale Tier:

  1. Growth Potential: Your company should have been founded within the last 10 years. This criterion ensures that both relatively new and established startups can benefit from the program and continue their growth trajectory.
  2. Equity Funding: To qualify for the Scale Tier, your startup should have received startup equity funding, ranging from pre-seed to Series A. If your funding falls into the Series A category, it must have been raised within the last 12 months. This requirement showcases your startup's potential and readiness for scaling.
  3. Enhanced Support: By entering the Scale Tier, you gain access to Google Cloud Credits, which can significantly enhance your technological capabilities. This support enables you to harness the power of advanced cloud technologies and infrastructure to further propel your startup's growth.
  4. Credit Limit: Startups in the Scale Tier should not have received more than $4,000 in Google Cloud credits. This ensures that you can leverage the available credits to their fullest extent and explore new opportunities for your business.

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