UAE-based Startup nealthy Raises $1.3 Million in Pre-Seed Funding for NFT and Cryptocurrency Investment Platform.

22 May 2023

A UAE-based startup called nealthy, which focuses on investing in NFTs and cryptocurrency, has secured $1.3 million in pre-seed funding. Supported by experienced Web3 investors, including prominent crypto enthusiast 'DonGeraldo,' nealthy's founders plan to utilize the funds to expand their core team, hire talent, and enhance sales and development efforts.

The interest in Web3 markets has surged, with NFT platforms like OpenSea attracting over 100 million unique visitors monthly. However, potential investors still face significant obstacles when entering the market. Regulators struggle to keep up with the fast-paced trading environment, and NFT prices continue to rise, with a substantial investment often requiring $20,000 or more.

To overcome these challenges, nealthy offers index tokens that provide a quick and worry-free entry into Web3 markets. These index tokens mimic the structure of traditional exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by holding multiple virtual assets, diversifying the portfolio to mitigate unexpected market fluctuations. Additionally, nealthy's index tokens, such as $NFTS, retain real underlying value and are pegged 1:1 to reputable NFTs.

nealthy was established by co-founders Ludwig Schrödl (CEO), Zied Said (CTO), and Tim Pascual (CMO) after identifying a market gap for diversified index tokens. With their backgrounds in finance, data science, and extensive knowledge of virtual assets, the co-founders' expertise positions investors at the forefront of this rapidly expanding market.

While the founders hail from Germany and Tunisia, nealthy is incorporated in Dubai to take advantage of the world-leading and tax-friendly regulatory environment. The UAE recently introduced the world's first independent regulatory authority for virtual assets, known as VARA. Furthermore, nealthy will incorporate the Metaverse Zone of Anguilla to issue the token within a regulated framework.

nealthy conducts transactions using blockchain technology, specifically the decentralized Web3 network associated with most cryptocurrencies. By leveraging the Ethereum Net blockchain, nealthy can openly display proof of reserve, verifying the presence of blue-chip NFTs in their digital vault.

Zied Said, CTO of nealthy, emphasizes the enormous potential of this space but also acknowledges the associated risks. To mitigate these risks, nealthy ensures security by storing all assets in cold wallets and smart contracts. Each cold wallet is public and fully transparent in terms of holdings.

nealthy's $NFTS token, as the market's first dynamic blue-chip NFT token, encompasses the ten most valuable NFT collections. Currently, these collections include CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Azuki. However, as $NFTS is allocated based on market dynamics, any NFT collection falling out of the top ten will be replaced. No single collection will exceed 25% of the value of $NFTS.

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