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The Angel Investors of Mauritius (AIM) is a network of people interested to invest in startups and newly incorporated companies, which have a potential to scale up and grow very fast. AIM members have significant entrepreneurial track records and/or successful operational experiences and are willing to bring their competencies to early stage businesses, especially those promoted by young people. They share a passion to enable startups to expand, devise appropriate strategies and add value to their products or services. By focusing on startups and early stage companies, AIM will also address the current acute lack of funds to early stage entrepreneurs. We also believe that startups require more than just money to succeed. They require close mentoring, strategic orientations as well as execution. The success rate of these businesses can significantly be enhanced if such guidance is available on a constant basis. In line with this philosophy, AIM members collectively commit not just money, but also their time and expertise to investee companies.


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